Sam Ferguson

Sam Ferguson is a chef at Forklift Catering in Somerville and the owner of budding charcuterie business called Post Road Provisions. Over the years, Sam has crafted his skills as the Sous Chef for Barbara Lynch's The Butcher Shop as well as Head Chef at Savenor's Market. From an early age, Sam was allured towards classic French technique as he observed his great aunts prepare many rustic Sunday suppers. In 2009, he met his mentor Robert Grant at The Butcher Shop in Boston and quickly fell even further in love with all things meat: sausage, pate, braises, confits, and smoked meats. As Sam honed his skills and passions at The Butcher Shop, Belly wine bar, and Savenor's Market, he also refined his goals and ambitions for business ownership. It was through these experiences that Post Road Provisions was born; he and his wife Lily are excited to begin offering unique sausages, pates, bone broth, and other pantry items that are created with ingredients sourced from local farms and purveyors.
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