About Us

Take-In is a meal delivery platform partnered with aspiring professional chefs to bring healthier, high-quality, or exclusive dishes to busy people like you who want to expand their palates but don’t always have the time to cook. By participating, you would be helping to support local chefs to grow and realize their dreams of opening their own restaurants by trying out their dishes, giving feedback, and generating buzz. 

Our mission is to build a better eating culture and make healthier, delicious meals accessible to the community. Our eaters help do this by supporting budding professional chefs, helping them to pursue their culinary aspirations, test new recipes, and gain some flexible income.

As part of our mission to get everyone eating better, Take-In is a proud serving partner of Community Cooks, a charitable organization that delivers monthly meals to neighbors who need it most. We are also donating a portion of profits from each meal this summer to the No Kid Hungry program dedicated to eradicating child hunger. Check out our mission and values here.

We believe that some of the most delicious, healthy, and authentic meal experiences should not be restricted to fancy restaurants. We'd like to take it to your home! 

What are you waiting for? Get Take-In tonight!