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Take-In is a culinary delivery platform that connects aspiring professional chefs with foodies who want to expand their palates. Eaters get exclusive access to try unique dishes while helping chefs to build their brand and nurture their culinary careers!


How it works:

(1) Reserve a chef to try: Browse the available dates and select a chef whose cuisine you’d like to taste (must be done four days in advance)! Each chef offers a unique, surprise dish that reflects his/her passions and culinary style
(2) We deliver to your door: The chef's surprise dish will be delivered to you on the specified evening (chilled for safety) with instructions on how to best enjoy. The chef will then reveal the story behind the dish, the history of the cuisine & any special ingredients. The listed price covers everything (including delivery!)

(3) Giving back to the community: By joining, you are not only helping aspiring chefs kickstart their careers but also helping members of the community to access healthier, better food. We donate a portion of proceeds to local food education and accessibility initiatives. Learn more here

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